RJI Tamper Evident Neck Bands
can be supplied precut for hand application or in rolls for use in automatic application equipment. This material may be clear, white or colored matched to Pantone colors. Available with or without printing and may also be perforated to enhance the tamper evident feature as well as assisting the consumer in removing the seal.

RJI Multicolor Shrink Labels
are reverse printed, giving your product high gloss label with up to 12 colors. They can include a UPC bar code and also serve as a tamper evident seal. They shrink to conform to the shape of the container and eliminate many of the problems associated with paper labels, such as tearing, scuffing and smearing. In addition, by direct printing one or more colors, you can offer the customer a coupon that can be filled out and returned without the added cost of a separate paper coupon.

RJI Two-For-One Bands
are great for promotional sales or to give a free sample of one product when the first product is purchased. Available as a single sleeve for similar size items or as a twin sleeve for dissimilar size items.

RJI Full Body Shrink Sleeves
protect your label from scuffing,tearing and smearing, while giving it a high gloss appearance. With the addition of a horizontal perforation below the cap, it will also serve as a tamper evident seal which the consumer can remove, while leaving the protective sleeve in place.

is a low cost material offering good electrical and mechanical characteristics. It is produced from a specially formulated polyvinyl chloride material, which is expanded during the manufacturing process. When exposed to heat in excess of 275F for a few seconds, it will shrink rapidly conform to the contour of the object being covered. RJI also offers a wide range of polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing. All are U.L. VW-1 rated for flammability and most are CSA flammability approved.




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